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Macropaver 12D

The Macropaver has gained a worldwide reputation for flexibility, high production, and low-cost performance. The Macropaver® 12D applies all slurry and polymer-modified micro surfacings with equal ease.

With over 60 years as a pavement maintenance contractor, VSS has introduced more people to the SlurrySeal and Micro Surfacing business than any other company. Equipped with the New EZ-OP Monitoring System, the Macropaver® 12D has made it even simpler to train new operators and create ease-of-use by eliminating manual calculations with intuitive controls. 

Consistent quality is accomplished throughout the production with automatic sequencing. The Macropaver® 12D can easily double the application rates of competitive conventional machines, with average outputs of 2.7–3.6tonne/min (3-4 tons/min). The Macropaver® 12D features the finest quality components and no chain or sprocket drives. Rugged and dependable performance has proven Macropaver® 12D’s superior reliability, ease of operation and productivity.

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