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Looking for solutions to the problem of small production slurry seal pavement maintenance? The answer is here: The VSS Minimacthe world’s first successful one-man, self propelled slurry seal/micro surfacing machine. The VSS Minimac is the go-anywhere tool that has increased the scope of slurry pavement maintenance today. Its size and weight make it a natural for jobs that can’t be done by larger machines. Now, maintenance can be accomplished in areas that aren’t feasible for bigger crews.

  • The VSS Minimac is a small slurry seal/micro surfacing machines designed to operate effectively in confined areas like parking lots, garage structures, footpaths, walkways, and bicycle trails.

  • This machine is feature-packed, beginning with its strongest attribute: simple one-man operation. Critical operations are controlled from a single joystick. The Minimac is designed for low maintenance and high reliability, and it features top-quality hydraulic components.

  • Auto sequencing assures the consistent application of all slurry seals and other polymer micro surfacings. Material is mixed automatically by a double-shafted pugmill, with production rates up to one ton per minute.

  • The VSS Minimac can deliver material on grades up to 30%, and, with proper materials staging, loading takes as little as five minutes.

  • Cost-efficient completion of small-to-medium production is easy, and doesn’t require a large crew. One operator steers a Minimac, and controls and monitors every procedure.

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