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SLurry transfer vehicle

Start Bidding Continuous Projects with your Truck Mount Slurry Machines. The STV is designed to work with all Major Brands of Truck Mounted Slurry Machines. With the ability of loading aggregate at up to 8tons/minute and both water and emulsion at 200 gallons/minute, while applying slurry or microsurfacing.

The Road Maintenance industry is advancing opportunities not thought of before. Costs are driving both agencies and private owners to consider new ideas and technologies for maintaining their roads. Entire budgets are being dedicated to road maintenance rather than costly overlay.

VSS Macropaver has long been a leader in Slurry and Microsurfacing machine designs and applications. The STV takes the proven technology of the Material Transfer Vehicles (MTV) already used in the Road Construction Industry and applies it to road maintenance. Minor fit-up requirements will allow you to make your Truck Mounted Slurry Machines into a versatile Continuous or Standard slurry machine. Now, contractors can quickly, reliably and safely operate their Truck Mount Slurry Machines as Continuous Machines.

For a fraction of the cost of continuous machines, the STV answers your continuous application needs. The STV will allow you to seize this opportunity.

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