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Macropaver cr

VSS Macropaver® has gained a worldwide reputation for flexibility, high production and low-cost performance. The Macropaver-CR applies all slurry & polymer-modified micro surfacing with equal ease.

The Patented ground drive uses a variable displacement hydrostatic pump driving two bent axis motors. The Macropaver-CR is capable of 25 mph forward and reverse.

The loading conveyor has a 12,400 lbs./min capacity with a20”cleated belt, fully enclosed with return idlers and lift cylinders for quick access cleanout hatch. (Patent Pending)

Patented hydraulic system with three variable displacement pressure compensated pumps for paving and loading circuits. One variable displacement hydrostatic pump for closed loop ground drive circuit. One gear pump for steering and cooling circuit.

Macropaver features the finest quality components and no chain or sprocket drives. Rugged, dependable performance has proven Macropaver's superior reliability, ease of operation, and productivity. No other machine has the feature packed and contractor tested performance of the Macropaver. Built with the experience that comes from Valley Slurry Seal's 100 years as a pavement maintenance contractor, Macropaver is the clear choice for today...and tomorrow.

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